Problems we faced.


Car problems: Some of the problems faced by our team. We had to make it up to scale which was a little bit challenging. We also found some challenges when modifying our car, it kept falling apart.
How we fixed the cars: We as a team worked out how to fix these problems. We measured up the wings to scale we made an easier design and used tape to help stick it together.
Team problems: some of the team’s problems our teams face were. We struggled to stay on task we also had trouble sharing the logo so it could be printed and finally picking the roles we found the most challenging.
How we solved it: As a team we solved these problems together. We shared roles to support each other when we got into trouble with certain task. Finally we all chose a role which would suit us the best and we all came to a consensus on who did what role.  


Logo Summary

The racing rebel’s logo represents our team. The colours we chose mean something about our team. We are using blue because it means calm, powerful, successful and confident, black because it means bold, classic and mysterious. Purple because it means spiritual, royal and justice. The logo represent our team identity because the colours we choose are what we are trying to achieve. We also choose this logo because the car represents what this project is all about. (Racing an FI car made out of cardboard with modifications.)

The logo connects with our team identity not only with the colours but also with how we want to make massive modifications to our car that looks exactly like the one I drew on our logo. Our name also connects with our team identity because racing is what we are doing in this project rebels just starts with R as well as sounding good.

The double R stands for our name racing rebels. We made one of the R’s backwards because when you put them both together it makes an arrow. The arrow in our logo points down to the cardboard FI car and the FI car represents what we are going to be making modifications to.



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